The Authority's founding documents (creation agreement) define voting "members" as either Participants in the Authority or Parties to the original agreement setting up the Authority. Parties must be governmental agencies, but such agencies may join as a Participant instead, if they choose.


A Participant is defined as

        (1)        any owner of an individual well permitted for household or domestic use in the   Authority's Service Area. The Service area is generally defined as unincorporated (i.e., not within any municipality's boundaries) Douglas County and represented on our map, or

(2)        any Small Water System Provider (less than 500 residences) who has executed a Participation Agreement with the Authority.



Benefits of Membership


      (1)        Support the Authority's efforts in determining the levels of water aquifers in Douglas County through the US Geological Survey's well-monitoring program.


        (2)        Representation and participation in regional water discussions.

        (3)       Possible development of water supplies and infrastructure to supply water to service area of the Authority

        (4)        Taking advantage of services and assistance that the Authority may make available   within its service area on well construction, maintenance, and well water quality, to name a few.

        (5)        Your input will help to fashion the Authority's programs to well owners so as to provide maximum benefit.

        (6)        Voting for and Serving of the Board of Directors for the Authority

Some of the benefits the RWA hopes to provide its members are:

  • One voice on rural water issues
  • Education and communication
  • Credible information on water issues and plans
  • Resource and referrals for technical advice on wells and water






Withdrawal from the RWA

You must fill out the petition for withdrawal form and send it to us.