Water Hauling


For residential wells that are no longer producing, one option is to physically haul water by truck to your location and replenish a storage tank, or at least until a replacement well can be drilled.  Water hauling involves storage and water delivery.


STORAGE - Storage can be above ground in a building or below frost-line.  Generally the tank should be designed for potable water.  In addition to the tank and it’s connection to your household water system, you will need a pump to get the water from the storage tank to your pressure tank. 


DELIVERY - Three potable water haulers are:

·   Water Boy             303-838-3500  
delivery tank 1250 gallons

    water source – Castle Rock                                                                                    contact:  Phil    


·   Harrington Trucking            303-428-6706         
delivery tank 2000 gallons                                                               

    water source – Arvada                                                                              
contact:  Randy 


·   McDonald Farms   303-442-6829                                                              
delivery tanks:  750 gallons, 3000 gallons, 6000 gallons                                    
water source – Frederick                                                                                        contact:  Denver office