Water Planning

During and after the drought of 2002, concerns over water became the number one issue for residents of Douglas County.   Rural water users began to cooperate and organize their efforts, the result being the formation of the Rural Water Authority in October 2008.

 The mission of the Authority is to assist rural water users and providers to
  • Evaluate current and future water supplies and demand
  • Determine services and/or facilities that are of benefit to them
  • Advise and assist other agencies on rural water issues

The large water providers are pursuing alternative water supplies and alliances to accommodate their growth, and reduce their dependence on ground water supplies. 

The Chatfield Reallocation for water storage environmental impact study is available for review through this page:


Water Studies



Well Monitoring Study

The Rural Water Authority has partnered with the USGS on a well monitoring study to help determine the water levels in the Denver Basin Aquifers.

For more information go to:  http://nwis.waterdata.usgs.gov/co/nwis/gwlevels

You will also need Accessing Water Level data from NWIS web pub , and the NWIS site location list.  You may also find the Map of well sites useful.



 Denver Basin Water Availability Study

The USGS published a major study of  our water supplies in 2011 called "Groundwater Availability of the Denver Basin Aquifer System,CO.  See http://pubs.usgs.gov/pp/1770/.


A recent update for the years 2011-2013 can also be found at http://pubs.usgs.gov/sir/2014/5172/.



South Metro Water Supply Study

In 2003, the South Metro Water Supply Authority commissioned a study to investigate water supply alternatives for the South Metro Denver area through 2050.  The Executive Summary of the study is available by clicking here.



WISE Water Alternatives Study

Douglas County and the Grandview Estates Rural Water Conservation District have recently surveyed the district's residents to evaluate alternatives to acquiring WISE water. A completed report is available here.