As Board members of the Rural Water Authority of Douglas County (RWADC), we frequently talk with rural well owners throughout our service area. We’ve discovered that there are many misconceptions about rural wells and our finite groundwater resources. To help correct these misconceptions, we’re initiating an informational email program on key topics, which we invite you to share with your neighbors.


Some topics are complicated, so we’ll try to make them as short and understandable as possible, including providing links to expert resources as appropriate. No water well lasts forever. Our goal is to provide information and resources to help you maximize your well’s productive life.


We welcome your feedback on whether the level of detail is enough or too much, in addition to your input on what well-related topics interest you. If you have questions or comments, or this email was forwarded and you’d like to join our list for future installments, please email us at info@rwadc.org or send a letter to PO Box 4610, Parker, CO 80134.  To learn more about us and what we do, or to find resources about aquifers, water and wells, there’s a wealth of information on our website at www.rwadc.org.


Since your well permit determines your water uses, we started with this often misunderstood topic.  It and other topics to be covered, including Water Rights and Adjudication, will be posted under the links below for future reference.  Say tuned!



Newsletters on Topics of Interest to Well Owners

Topics include
Sarah A. Klahn, Esq.'s Power Point Presentation from the 11/15/16 Adjudication Workshop

If you have any questions or comments about these files, please contact us at, please let us know at info@rwadc.org.
See also "The Answers to 78 of the Most Common Questions" about the Rural Water Authority, groundwater rights in Douglas County, the State of Colorado's well water permitting system and the Denver Basin aquifers.