Past workshop information


Well Contamination Seminar

May 16, 2017

Elaine Hassinger, Water Specialist with the Tri-County Health Dept., spoke about the sources of, and solutions to, well water contamination


Adjudication Workshop

November 15, 2016

Sara Klahn, Esq., presented the pros and cons of well water adjudication


Rainwater Harvesting Workshop

June 8, 2013

See our page on Rainwater Collection.



 Well Owners Workshop

 May 2, 2012

The speakers, their background, a recording of their talk, and their Power Point presentation can be accessed using the links following their session's listing:


Groundwater Availability of the Denver Basin Aquifer System

Dr. Suzanne Paschke, Associate Director for Hydrologic Studies, USGS Colorado Water Science Center

       Paschke Bio                  Recording                 (ppt not available)


           Adjudication: What it Is and Isn’t

Kevin Rein, P.E., Deputy State Engineer, Colorado Division of Water Resources

                                Rein Bio                   Recording                 PowerPoint



           Extending the Lifetime of your Well & Well Replacement

Nolan Lloyd, Chief Well Inspector, Colorado Division of Water Resources

      LloydBio                  Recording                PowerPoint



           Why Should I Test Water from My Domestic Well?

                       Water quality parameters, analytes and laboratories

Richard J. Hirsch, P.G., Hirsch Gibney, Inc. – Hydrogeologists, Engineers and Applied Scientists

      HirschBio                   Recording                PowerPoint

                                                                    (in pdf format)


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